Basketball Shots Types

What Are the Different Types of Basketball Shots?

Struggling to find your perfect shots among different types of basketball shots? Discover the diverse basketball shooting styles to elevate your game to new heights! Whether you’re aiming for mid-range jump shots, graceful layups, powerful dunks, or crafty hook shots, understanding the different styles can give you a competitive edge on the court. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore various basketball shot techniques, from classic bank shots to skillful pull-ups, helping you master the art of shooting and become a scoring sensation.

What Is Shooting In Basketball?

Shooting in basketball is the act of attempting to score points by putting the ball into the opponent’s basket.

Types of Basketball Shots

There are several types of basketball shots, including:

Jump Shot (Mid-range and Three)

Players use a jump shot, a standard basketball shooting technique, by jumping into the air and releasing the ball at the peak of their jump. They take a mid-range jump shot from a moderate distance away from the basket, typically within the free-throw line and three-point arc. Additionally, they attempt a three-point jump shot from beyond the three-point arc, which earns them three points if successful.

The Layup

A player drives toward the basket and softly releases the ball off the backboard or directly into the hoop to perform a layup. They use this shot when they are near the basket and need to score quickly while avoiding defenders.


A dunk is a forceful, one-handed, or two-handed shot where a player slams the ball directly through the hoop. This shot requires good jumping ability and players usually execute it when a player is close to the basket and unguarded.

Hook Shot and Turn Around

The player executes the hook shot, a one-handed shot, by quickly turning their body sideways and using a hook-like motion with their arm to shoot the ball. Taller players often utilize this technique when they are near the basket. The turn-around shot involves the player quickly turning away from the defender while shooting the ball, creating separation and making it harder for the defender to block the shot.

Bank Shot

The bank shot is a shooting technique where the player intentionally bounces the ball off the backboard at a specific angle to make the ball go into the basket. It is often used when shooting from a medium range and can be an effective way to score when the direct shot is difficult.

Free Throw

A free throw is an uncontested shot given to a player after certain fouls by the opposing team. The player stands on the free-throw line and attempts to score without any defensive pressure. Each successful free throw is worth one point.

Granny Shot

The granny shot is an underhand shooting technique where the player shoots the ball by flipping it with an underhand motion. Though uncommon in professional basketball, some players have used it for free throws, as it can be more accurate and easier to control.


The floater is a finesse shot used in the paint area, where the player releases the ball with a soft touch while in the air, typically over taller defenders. It is an effective way to score when driving to the basket but not close enough for a layup or dunk.


The player performs the pull-up shot while on the move, usually dribbling, and suddenly stops to take a jump shot. This shot requires good shooting accuracy. It is commonly used in transition or when defenders are trailing the player.

Three-point shot

A three-point shot is attempted from beyond the three-point arc, typically 23.75 feet (7.24 meters) from the basket in the NBA. It is worth three points if successful. It is a valuable scoring tool for players who have good long-range shooting ability.

How To Shoot Better In Basketball?

Mastering the fundamentals of shooting is essential for any basketball player looking to excel on the court. These six key elements form the foundation of a successful shooting technique:

Proper Footwork: Establishing a solid base is crucial for accurate shooting. Position your feet shoulder-width apart with your shooting foot slightly ahead of the other. This balanced stance provides stability and allows for a consistent shooting motion.

Grip and Hand Placement: Maintain a comfortable and firm grip on the basketball using your shooting hand. Your fingers should be spread evenly across the ball, with your shooting hand’s elbow directly under the ball for better control and accuracy.

Alignment and Body Positioning: Face the hoop with your shooting shoulder pointing towards the target. Align your shooting elbow and forearm with the basket, ensuring a straight-shooting path for the ball.

Focus on the Target: Keep your eyes locked on the rim throughout your shooting motion. Visualizing the ball going through the net can enhance your shooting accuracy and boost your confidence.

Smooth Shooting Motion: Develop a fluid and consistent shooting motion. Start the shot with a smooth dip or load of the ball, followed by an upward extension of your shooting arm, and release the ball at the peak of your jump.

Follow Through: A proper follow-through is vital for a successful shot. After releasing the ball, extend your shooting hand towards the target, keeping your wrist relaxed and fingers pointed downward. A strong follow-through enhances your shot’s accuracy and helps you maintain consistency.

By honing these six fundamentals, players can elevate their shooting skills and become reliable scorers on the basketball court. Practice and dedication are key to mastering these techniques, so get out there and shoot your way to success!


What is the hardest shot in basketball?

The hardest shot in basketball is widely considered to be the full-court shot or the half-court shot. This shot involves shooting the ball from an extremely long distance, usually from beyond the opposite team’s three-point line, making it incredibly challenging to score.

Which shot is very difficult to defend?

The shot that is very difficult to defend is the fadeaway jump shot. Players like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant were known for executing this move to perfection. The fadeaway creates separation from the defender, making it tough to contest the shot effectively.

Who has never missed a shot in the NBA?

No player in NBA history has ever missed a shot. Basketball is an intense and competitive sport, and even the greatest players have missed shots during their careers. Achieving a perfect shooting record in the NBA is virtually impossible.


Basketball offers different types of challenging shots like the full-court shot, while the fadeaway jump shot is tough to defend. However, no NBA player has ever achieved a perfect shooting record. Basketball remains an unpredictable sport where mastering shooting fundamentals is key to success.

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