Cheers in Basketball Game

21 Types of Cheers in Basketball Game

Step into the exciting world of basketball, where the game’s energy goes beyond the bounces and hoop victories – it echoes in the cheers that light up the arena. Imagine the loud stomping and rhythmic claps; they’re like the heartbeat of the sport, creating a buzz in the stands with passionate fans. These cheers aren’t just noise; they’re like a secret sixth player on the court, pushing teams toward winning. Let’s explore the different types of basketball cheers, each telling a story of determination, success, and a strong love for the game.

A. Take it Down, Put it Up, Shoot it in, Let’s Win!

Cheer as the team moves down the court. This lively chant pumps up the crowd, bringing excitement and energy to the game.

Chant Script:

(Chant while the team is advancing down the court)

Bring it down, bring it down, bring it (clap) down, down
Lift it up, lift it up, lift it (clap) up, up
Sweep it in, sweep it in, sweep it (clap) in, in
Take it down (stomp, stomp)
Hoist it up (stomp, stomp)
Sling it in (stomp, stomp)
Victory, let’s claim it!

B. Clap, Stomp, Shoot for Two!

In big moments, when scoring 2 points is key, we cheer ‘Clap, Stomp, Shoot for Two!’ This rhythmic chant recognizes the importance of making the most out of 2-point chances and adds energy to the game.

Chant Script:

(Chant during situations calling for a two-point basket)

Clap, clap, stomp, clap, clap, stomp, clap, clap, stomp, clap SHOOT
Clap, clap, stomp, clap, clap, stomp, clap, clap, stomp, clap TWO
C’mon [team name]! SHOOT FOR TWO!!!

C. Oh! Yeah! Swish it, Swish it, We Want Two! (or Three!)

A fun cheer for celebrating 2 or 3-pointers. Fans can easily adjust the cheer based on how many points the team scores, adding excitement to every basket.

Stomp, stomp, clap, clap,
Slide left, and hear that swish,
Repeat the rhythm, feel the vibe,
In the game, we’re in the dish.

Oh! Yeah! Swish it, swish it,
Echoes of triumph in the air,
We want two, we declare,
For the win, we passionately care.

Oh! Yeah! Swish it, swish it,
A chant that fuels our drive,
In the game, we strive,
For victory, we will arrive!

D. Get Out of the Way, Work it

A classic offensive chant that pumps up the team. It reminds everyone that hard work leads to success, making it a timeless and motivating cheer.

Chant script:

Hey, hey,

Clear the lane,

We’re the [team name], and we’re here to proclaim,

If you’re aiming to be great,

Top of the state,

You gotta grind it, grind it, grind it!

E. I’m Sayin’ Swish!

Shout out ‘I’m Sayin’ Swish!’ when the game gets intense. This cheer brings confidence and encouragement, creating a vibe that boosts the team during crucial moments.

Chant script:

Come on [team name],

Make it clear,

Make it clear,

That sound,

The sound we adore:



Let us witness,

Let us witness,

Two points,

Two points on the scoreboard,



F. Dribble the Ball!

When you hear ‘Dribble the Ball!’ in the crowd, it’s a signal to get ready for an exciting play. This rhythmic cheer encourages the team to move seamlessly from halfcourt to a powerful shot, creating an electrifying vibe in the arena.

Chant script:

Take the ball, let it swoop,

Through the legs, a loop-de-loop.

Cross the floor, don’t let it fall,

Dribble strong, score two more, and stand tall.

G. Go [Team Color: Blue]! [Team Name: Rider] Make That Shot!

When fans cheer ‘Go [Team Color]!’ and shout ‘[Team Name] Make That Shot!’ together, it’s like a team anthem. Everyone supports their team with colors and a strong desire for victory.

Cheer script:

Dominate the floor,

[Team name] raise that score.

Give it all you got,

[Team name] make that shot.

Go [team color]!

Go [team color]!

[Team name] make that shot!

H. Move It

[Team Name] likes to move it, move it! They don’t want to lose it, lose it! This lively cheer pumps up the team by celebrating their unique style and encourages energetic ball movement for an exciting offensive play.

Chant script:

[Team name] enjoys the groove,

Shake it, shake it, find your move.

We won’t settle, won’t take a fall,

[Team name] aims to conquer, and net that ball.

Net that ball,


Energize the crowd with cheers that hail each successful shot. From simple praises for the scorer to triumphant shouts of “Swish!”, these cheers ignite the celebration of scoring moments, uniting fans in the thrill of the game.

A. Let’s Score Another One!

It cuts through the air with a direct celebration, becoming a collective acknowledgment that unites fans in praise for the scorer’s accomplishment.

Chant script:

Fantastic work [player who just scored],

Brilliantly spun,

Go [team name],

Let’s score another one!

B. Swish!

A triumphant shout of “Swish!” echoes through the crowd, capturing the joy of a perfect shot. It’s not just a cheer; it’s a declaration of victory as the ball gracefully finds its mark.

Chant script:

Hey [team name]!

Do you feel it near?

Gather ’round

What’s that sound?

SWISH! (clap, clap, stomp, stomp, clap, clap) SWISH! (clap, clap, stomp, stomp, clap, clap)

Cheers for Rebounds and Fast Breaks In Basketball

A. We Got the Ball! C’mon Let’s Score Today!

After a successful rebound, the crowd cheers rhythmically, declaring “We got the ball” with lively claps. Stomps emphasize the team’s momentum, urging opponents to step aside. The chant peaks with “C’mon [team name]! Let’s Score Today!” uniting fans in claps and stomps, creating an energetic atmosphere.

Chant script:

We possess the ball (clap, clap)

Clear the path (stomp once)

Advancing forward (clap, clap)

We’re standing strong (stomp once)

Let’s go [team name]! Score Today!

(clap, clap, stomp, clap, clap, stomp, clap, clap, stomp, clap)

Go [team name]!

B. Rebound that Basketball!

Celebrating a rebound, the cheer energizes with claps, moves to dribbling, climaxes with scoring, and ends with a spirited “Go [team name]!”

Chant script:

Grab that rebound (clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap)

Move with the basketball (stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp)

Score with that basketball (clap, stomp, clap, stomp, stomp, stomp)

Go [team name]!

C. Get Outta our Way! R-E-B-O-U-N-D

Engaging with assertive chants and rhythmic spelling, the cheer promises victory and celebrates the team’s dominance on the boards with a lively conclusion.

Chant script:

Get, get out, get outta our way!

We’re gonna take it, gonna take it, gonna take that ball away!

And win this game today, REBOUND!

Victory, uh huh, Victory!

A. Stop That Ball!

As the opponent tries to advance, the crowd engages in a whimsical cheer that resonates with the spirit of initiating a comeback. With a playful yet determined tone, the cheer becomes a rallying call to prevent the opponent from scoring. Fans clap and stomp in unison, creating an electric atmosphere that adds a touch of humor to the serious business of defense.

Chant script:

Rise up,

it’s time to cheer

Hey, fans,

let it hear

Shout it strong

Shout it long

Let’s go [team name] and block that ball!

B. You’re Not Gonna Score Today!

As the team showcases defensive strength, this confident and lively cheer disrupts the opponent’s scoring attempts. The motivational tone emphasizes the collective belief in a strong defense, with fans joining in claps and stomps to create a fortress of support.

Chant script:

Not a single point

No (pause) You won’t succeed

Not a single point

Swipe that ball

Take it away

You’re not getting a score today!

C. Take That Ball Away!

In the midst of defensive maneuvers, an evergreen cheer emerges, motivating the team to secure the ball and turn defense into offense. Fans join in the rhythmic cadence, emphasizing the dual importance of securing the ball and scoring. The cheer serves as a reminder that defense is not just about preventing points but also creating opportunities for the team to shine.

Chant Script:

Team [name],

Snatch that ball, snatch that ball, snatch that ball away (clap, clap, clap)

Score it high, score it high, score it high today (clap, clap, clap)

(Stop and repeat)

D. 2, 4, 6, 8, Who Do We Appreciate? Blue and White [Team Colors]

Celebrating defensive brilliance, this original cheer incorporates team colors, clapping, and stomping. Fans express appreciation for the team’s dominance on the court. The rhythmic counting builds anticipation, leading to an explosive cheer that reverberates through the arena. The combination of colors, rhythm, and appreciation creates a live experience that showcases the unity of the fan base.

Chant Script:

2, 4, 6, 8, who’s our winning mate?

[Team color] (clap, clap, stomp, clap) so great!

And [team color] (clap, clap, stomp, clap), stand tall,

Cheer for victory, cheer for all!

E. Hear Us Roar!

In a moment of defensive intensity, the crowd channels the spirit of a lion, unleashing an energetic roar of victory. The cheer not only motivates the team but also intimidates the opponent. The powerful combination of claps, stomps, and roaring sounds creates an immersive live experience, making every defensive stop a memorable and thrilling moment on the court.

Chant Script:

Just like a lion, a roaring mighty lion,

Feel the energy, the crowd’s Zion! (clap, clap, stomp, stomp, clap, clap, stomp, stomp)

Take a seat, you can’t score,

Our dominance, forevermore!

Cheers During Basketball Timeouts

A. Who Rocks the House?

During the brief pause in the game, this lively cheer engages the crowd, turning the timeout into a moment of collective celebration. The rhythmic chant, “Who Rocks the House?” resonates through the arena, prompting fans to clap and stomp in unison. The cheer not only showcases the team’s ability but also energizes the entire stadium, creating a vibrant atmosphere that echoes the team spirit.

Chant Script:

Who owns the court?

The [team name] own the court,

And when the [team name] own the court, they own it all the way through.

(Stop and repeat)

B. We Know You Can’t Take the Heat

In the midst of a timeout, fans seize the opportunity to excite the crowd with a short and impactful cheer. The chant playfully suggests that the opponent can’t handle the pressure, injecting a sense of confidence into the fan base. Claps and stomps punctuate the cheer, creating a dynamic and spirited ambiance that adds an extra layer of intensity to the timeout experience.

Chant Script:

Take a rest

You’re not the best

We know you just can’t handle the test.

Gooooooo [team name]!

C. Cheers for Free Throws

Before the pivotal free throws, this call-and-response cheer engages the crowd in a synchronized display of team spirit. The fans, united in support, respond energetically to the call, “White/Blue [Team Colors], Shoot Two!” The cheer not only emphasizes the team’s distinctive colors but also fuels the anticipation of scoring two crucial points. As the players step up to the free-throw line, the synchronized energy from the crowd aims to create a powerful and supportive atmosphere, boosting the team’s confidence in those decisive moments.

Chant Script:

I say day and you say night

Squad: Day

Crowd: Night

Squad: Day

Crowd: Night

I say cheer and you say fight!

Squad: Cheer

Crowd: Fight

Squad: Cheer


What are the most effective basketball cheers for boosting team morale?

The effectiveness of basketball cheers lies in their ability to energize players and engage the crowd. Cheers like “Take it Down, Put it Up, Shoot it in, Let’s Win!” and “Clap, Stomp, Shoot for Two!” are highly effective, combining rhythmic elements and motivational phrases to create an enthusiastic atmosphere. These cheers are carefully crafted to synchronize with the game’s dynamics, providing a morale boost for both players and fans.

How do you create personalized cheers for a basketball team?

Personalized cheers add a unique touch to supporting a basketball team. To create them, consider incorporating the team’s colors, name, and specific player references. An example is “Go [Team Color]! [Team Name] Make That Shot!” This personalized approach fosters a strong sense of identity and connection between the fans and the team, enhancing the overall cheering experience.

What are some original cheers for defensive stops in basketball?

Defensive cheers play a crucial role in rallying the team and intimidating opponents. Cheers like “Stop That Ball!” and “Hear Us Roar!” bring originality to the defensive cheering repertoire. These cheers not only emphasize the importance of defensive plays but also infuse an energetic and intimidating spirit, making them memorable for both players and spectators.


The world of basketball cheers is a vibrant and diverse realm that adds an extra layer of excitement to the game. From the rhythmic beats of “Clap, Stomp, Shoot for Two!” to the personalized encouragement of “Go [Team Color]! [Team Name] Make That Shot!” each cheer tells a unique story of determination, triumph, and unwavering allegiance to the sport.

These cheers are more than just sounds in the arena; they are the invisible sixth player on the court, urging teams forward to victory. As we acknowledge the crucial role cheers play in energizing both players and fans, it becomes evident that they are an integral part of the basketball experience, enhancing the enjoyment and intensity of every match.

So, whether it’s a defensive stop or a scoring spree, the symphony of cheers resonates, making basketball not just a game but a live and spirited experience.

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