How To Move Basketball Hoop – Sand & Water

If you enjoy playing basketball, you may be wondering how to move a basketball hoop from one location to another.

As you know, basketball has become one of the most popular games globally, so people like to install hoops in their backyards or garages. Placing a basketball hoop is not a hard task, but moving the basketball hoop filled with material is highly technical and tough.

This post will discuss tricks to make this hard task easier for you.

How to move a basketball hoop filled with water or sand?

Filling material in a basketball hoop means this is not an in-ground basketball hoop. The inground basketball hoop is fixed with cement into the ground, requiring a professional team to relocate it from one position to another.

When you set the portable basketball hoop at any place, you must fill the hoop base with materials like water or sand for stability. Portable hoops can be moved from one location to another with some techniques.

To move basketball hoop from one place to another, you need to empty the hoop filled with water or sand, disassemble it if available, and start the replacement process.

Should we fill basketball hoop with sand or water?

It depends on the people’s interests and other relevant conditions. You will learn about both options briefly, one by one.

1. For Water Filling

Filling the hoop with water is more feasible than filling it with sand. The reasons are easily accessible anywhere, and one can drain the water from the hoop within minutes without any helping hand.

Water is comfortable because if you want to reposition it from one place to another, you and your friends can do it nicely.

When you talk about filling a hoop with water, the first thing that comes to mind is how you can put water in the hoop. Here are some tips you must remember while filling the hoop with water. Such as:

  • Put some water and check whether any leakage in the hoop base exists or not
  • Bring an accurate amount of water and fill it into the hoop with the help of a funnel
  • Add some anti-freeze material to the water if the weather becomes extremely cold in winter
  • Keep checking the water level in summer because it evaporates, and the hoop becomes unstable

A standard portable basketball hoop can hold 35 gallons of water to maintain stability. Once it starts to evaporate, it will lose stability. Moreover, it can damage the hoops’ base material.

Water is a much smoother and more frequently used option, but it demands proper maintenance in unfavorable weather conditions. If you can take care of it, you should go with it.

2. For Sand Filling

Some players do not prefer hoops filled with water for the reasons mentioned above. In summer, water starts evaporating, causing the hoop’s instability, and water begins freezing in winter.

Due to this, people like to have hoops filled with sand at their place because sand is more stable due to its hardness. Further, the weather does not affect the level of sand in the hoop.

Suppose you have decided to place the hoop filled with sand. You must consider the place carefully where the hoop is going to be fixed because a hoop filled with sand needs a hell of an effort for replacement.

Once you have selected the place, bring the hoop to your desired location, open the plug from above, and start filling sand through the funnel carefully. Once the hoop is filled with sand, tighten the plug with your hand. You will face difficulty if you tighten the plug with a gadget.

How to move a bulky basketball hoop?

If you have an idea for the future, you will need to reposition the hoop, then carefully decide the goal’s location. A portable hoop does not mean it can be replaced easily.

Hoops filled with materials like water or sand become considerably bulky, which requires more than three people to vacate the base. Moving a heavy basketball hoop is hard and technical; it is not a good thought if you think you can do it yourself.

You can consider whether the hoops have wheels under their bases to help you move them or whether disassembling them is an option.

Consider while relocating your basketball hoop

Once you’ve decided to relocate the hoop, here are some transportation recommendations. If you are aware, you will need to replace it once the time has passed from one position to another and then fill the hoop with water. After that, ensure the hoop can be folded to a suitable size.

Water is easily accessible and can be drained easily as compared to sand. So if you are adjusting the hoop temporarily, then fill it with water.

Due to their hefty weight, hoops have unique functionalities such as collapsible or folding. Using these features, you may effortlessly shift the hoop.

Hoops are often taller than 10 feet, which is longer than an individual’s average height. You will need to engage professionals to move it from one location to another.

If your hoops provide a folding or collapsible option, it will make your life easier. With these alternatives, you can handle the hoop in suitable sizes, which will aid with movement.


What is the best way to haul a basketball hoop?

There are several methods to move a basketball hoop from one location to another. You may consider an average truck or purchase an extension for your vehicle.

You should double-check something before loading it.

  • Cross-check the truck capacity and hoop size before adjusting it to the truck.
  • You must take care of the backboard and hoop base. These two things are flat and can be damaged easily.
  • The hoops’ base should remain empty throughout the transportation process.

Can a basketball hoop be left out in winter?

Yes, after taking certain precautions, you may leave your basketball hoop out in the winter. Cover the hoop and net completely. Before storing the hoop, properly clean it. Remove the hoop net if you intend to store the goal for months.

You must add anti-freezing stuff to the hoop base if you are using the hoop in cold weather.

How does a basketball hoop get out of the ground?

It is difficult to remove the basketball hoop embedded in the ground. You will need a professional to shovel the space around the hoop. Then, using effort, open the nut bolts and pull the hoop off the ground.

What amount of antifreeze should I put in my basketball hoop?

You do not need to add anti-freeze material to the base to prevent freezing because most hoops are constructed with high-density polyethylene plastic. Polyethylene plastic bears the weather and keeps water in the same condition throughout the winter.

If you are uncomfortable or the weather is extremely cold, you can add 2 liters of non-toxic anti-freeze liquid.

Final Words – Move The Heavy Basketball Hoop

As you have read, moving a basketball hoop filled with material is a challenging task. Either material can be water or sand. Depending on the circumstances, both have advantages and disadvantages.

Because water is readily available and quickly drained, people favor filling hoops with it. Water evaporates, loses stability, and eventually freezes in the winter. As a result, individuals prefer sand over water.

A base filled with the material makes it heavier than average weight. Individuals cannot handle replacing it from one place to another. It is better to have some helping hands in this situation.

In replacement time, you must follow precautions because it is risky to relocate such heavy stuff.

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