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How to Paint a Basketball Court | Ultimate Guide 2023

The basketball court is utilized for both professional and recreational activities. Whether a professional or a friendly game, both require a safe environment to play safely. The condition of the court has an impact on the gaming atmosphere. Let me tell you why it is important to paint a basketball court!

A court in rough condition does not create an interest in players. However, they lost their focus due to a lack of interest in the game. That’s why players want the court to look attractive. Some paint the court simply, and some make logos of their team. We shall go through the subject completely in this guide.

Steps To Paint A Concrete Basketball Court

Painting a basketball court involves three steps. We will elaborate here one by one.

  • Cleaning: Cleaning means making the court dirt free and washing the court thoroughly.
  • Priming: Priming belongs to the process in which we fill the empty spaces in the court.
  • Painting: Painting means drawing lines, coloring, and making logos on the court.

1. Surface Cleaning

Clean the surface with the high-pressure washer. If the high-pressure washer is unavailable on the spot, you can wash it with the pipe having a pressure nozzle on its open end. Moreover, wash the entire court and then dry the court surface.

Furthermore cleaning is essential because it allows the paint to adhere to the pores of the court surface and makes the paint last longer. Paint strongly attached to the court gives a charming look.

2. Surface Priming

Surface priming is a major step too. Clear concrete primer is easily available at DIY shops. The clear concrete primer contains some chemicals which may cause many serious allergies. Before applying, make sure your eyes are properly covered.

After applying the concrete primer, leave the surface in the open air for hours. Moreover, the surface must be dry; otherwise, the paint will lose its longevity.

Painting a court is not a hard task. You can paint the court by yourself after knowing some basic tricks.

3. Surface Painting

Surface painting is a little bit technical task. Indoor court surfaces and outdoor court surfaces are thoroughly different in nature. Some paints are not made for concrete surfaces, so they become dull within days. The quality of the paint must be durable.

Usually, people use white and blue colors for indoor court surfaces. For the outdoor court surface, we have unlimited options to choose from. Therefore, select a durable and attractive color. If you paint a court for any club or specific team, you can make team logos or any signs.

Why Should A Concrete Basketball Court Be Painted?

Painting a basketball court enhances the durability of the court. The court surface becomes smooth, preventing players from suffering major injuries. It protects the court surface from an extra layer of dirt, reducing the surface grip with player shoes. Furthermore, painted courts give a professional look, like NBA courts.

Do Basketball Courts Require Lines?

The lines drawn around the court specify the boundary of the court. It represents the measurement of the basketball court on which the game is played. Moreover, teams are not allowed to cross the line while playing the game. Usually, it is painted with white paint.

After drawing the boundaries, lines are drawn within the boundaries. These lines are used to count the team’s scoring points. However, the players get two points for shooting a basketball, or sometimes three.

What kind of paint do you use on a basketball court?

When painting a basketball court, use specialized sports court paint. This paint is formulated for basketball gameplay, providing durability, traction, and vibrant colors. It adheres well to outdoor surfaces like concrete or asphalt and resists fading, peeling, and weather conditions. Choose paint designed for sports surfaces to ensure optimal performance and longevity on the basketball court.


Painting is a much-needed process for a basketball court. It increases life on the court and provides professional experience to players. Moreover, painting the court surface makes the basketball court surface smooth and gives a high grip while running, dribbling, or jumping. One more thing you will read is Paint on the basketball court which indicate the specific position of players on the court. Lastly, cleaning and painting are effortless processes. You can perform them easily but priming is a technical and experienced task. You must hire an experienced person for this work.


What kind of paint do you use on a basketball court?

Acrylic emulsion is the best choice for painting a basketball court. It gives high performance in unfavorable weather conditions. Many companies are providing acrylic emulsion paint with several options. You can purchase it according to your budget. 

How much paint is needed for a basketball court?

It is determined by its color nature and quality of color, such as light or dark. Like an NBA court surface, a standard-sized court requires 45 to 75 gallons of paint with two coats.

Can you put spray paint on the concrete?

Yes, you can use it without any hesitation. Spray painting is one of the kinds of painting processes. You can choose any procedure according to your desire.

What are the names of the basketball court lines?

The boundary lines on the basketball court surface, which identify the portion of the court that is in play and the region that is out of bounds, are essential lines to comprehend. The boundary lines are the two sidelines and two baselines that form the rectangular limits of the court.

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